Grave Spikes


We present to you Print-A-Plate's 8x6 & 4x2 Grave spikes.
The 8x6 & 4x2 spikes have been designed with our company slogan in mind.. Simple, Fast & Economical.
The 8x6 & 4x2 spikes are made from Solid European Ash from the country of our manufacturer in Poland. The Sold European Ash spike once assembled is then finished in a durable and weatherproof lacquer which brings out the Ash's signature grain and shade.
The spikes design consists of a full adhesive pad to where the plaque will adhere too. This adhesive pad cuts out the use for nails to be used meaning the application method of marrying a plaque to the spikes is simplified and efficient.
The spikes finish and adhesive pads have been tried and tested and will withstand our climate as a temporary grave marker.

Our Ash Grave Spikes can be used alongside any 8×6 or 4x2 (Standard & Black Edge) Plates
Our Spikes will not be beaten on quality.

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